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04 September 2014 / by Editor (author)

Radio services technology for the auto industry, committed to bringing the platform to the global in Dash Market.

There are over 1 billion cars on the road today. We rely on our cars for so many things in our lives, but right now the connection between them and the other mobile technology in our lives isn't always seamless.

End User Services

  • Live global news talk-back radio
  • Interview downloads on-demand with a system that learns what content you like.
  • News blog – up to date commentary on global news events transcribed from on-air coverage.
  • On-demand collection of worldwide news content via the app.
  • Push-Pull technology will learn what news content consumers like and organise this content into the Apps. The user will never miss the news or a special interest show again again.
  • E-mail updates on news and shows daily.  Includes sound bites.
  • Apps (IOS, Android & Windows) will include a call in feature via our own communication server so listeners can interact direct to the station on air.
  • On demand push-pull service of worldwide content collated via our team and partners. This will allow tailoring of content for the user via voting up and down by the user.


Radio Publisher Services


  • The WNRT Advertising Platform, is a customizable ad platform designed and built specifically to help audio publishers, such as broadcasters and internet-radio services, increase monetization with solutions for both live and on-demand streaming.
  • Syndicated news available to your media corporations and individuals, reducing costs.
  • WNRT - Interview downloads on-demand.
  • News blog – up to date commentary on global news events transcribed from on-air coverage and via the Citizen Desk platform.
  • The Streaming Platform is built entirely to optimize the media experience for both you and your audience. We own and operate 100% of the infrastructure to ensure delivery of all your content.

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