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04 September 2014 / by Editor (author)


The Digital Radio Live News, Talk Back Revolution


 In a relatively short amount of time, the Internet has moved from an occasional tool to a principal means of communication, entertainment. The Internet has changed the way we live and created a generation with an insatiable, accelerated appetite for content. A generation that needs to know the world’s news stories as they happen.

The aim of the ‘World News Radio Today’ project is to provide a global talk-back radio station and full digital customized news delivery platform utilizing new and current technology to create a ‘digital disruption’ of the status quo.

A company structure based entirely in a virtual nature can generate a significant reduction in costing. This Structure will use a mix of staff and citizen journalists to create and deliver round the clock 24/7 news content. The content will be delivered to our media partners and via our in Dash systems being created for the Auto market or via the world wide web.

Our goal is to develop a media enterprise consisting of 24-hour live radio news and subscriber tailored on demand news and entertainment content coverage and delivery allowing unique digital engagement and interaction for the subscriber.                                              

The intention is not only to build the first truly global digital radio with talk-back but an interactive online community which allows participants to interact on many levels of the conversation and across the full platform.


For more information email: info@worldnewsradio.today

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