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Rob Kirby's Analysis: The Dark Side of the Global Financial Markets @BlackTowerRadio

14 April 2017 / by Anish Jonathan Rao (author)
Jake Fuance from Black Tower Radio Discusses the State of Global Financial System with Macro Economic Analyst Rob Kirby  (photo: )
Jake Fuance from Black Tower Radio Discusses the State of Global Financial System with Macro Economic Analyst Rob Kirby

Jake Faunce from Black Tower Radio interviews Rob Kirby of ‘kirbyanalytics.com’. Rob carries a massive experience in the field of financial and retail markets. In the past he has been a part of institutional trading desk and a broker for foreign exchange. He has also been a bond broker and presently is a renowned macroeconomic analyst. In this show Rob describes the dark side of the economic and financial market of the world which includes the rising dominance of global central banking. Listen to the discussion covering a wide range of topics related to the global financial situation.


Critical Points Discussed During this Radio Talk Show:

-A global financial reset is coming in the relatively near future

-Global financial picture has turned dark in tandem with the chaos seen in the present geo-political system

-The 2008 global recession discussed in detail.

-Facts pointing out to the theory that 0% interest rates and interest free loans are turning out to be a huge financial trap. Its essentially shaping towards a future piled up with mal-investments.

-The present financial system is not sustainable and it’s going to crash because you can’t impose a structure that is this unstable.

-The world elites have positioned us for a calamity at the geo-political stage. The financial system is clinging to the edge of the cliff and when it collapses it will take us to war. The war will then be blamed for the crash.

-This has been done by the elites throughout history.

-A real estate crash throughout the world is inevitable.

-Credit will become relatively unavailable in the near future.

-Hyper inflation might occur further worsening things.

-People who own physical precious metals will probably stand to do better than the people who don’t have these metals.

-The best real estate option is to probably own some productive land

-Rise of militarism

-Vladmir Putin is being painted an evil dog who will destroy humanity.

-The western central banks belong to a club and the club is headed by an institution called the Bank for international settlements or the BIS.

-The structure of the BIS consists of a massive 60 member nations with their central banks directly affiliated to the BIS.

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Anish Jonathan Rao

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  1. trustedprotege (Anonymous)

    very well covered topics.. its true though no one can deal with reality.. and they say im delusional . if the markets take a hit on the 17th of may 2017 expect destabilization to be officially triggered

    3 monthS 3 days ago

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