198 Million US Voters Personal Details Leaked

19 June 2017 / by Anish Jonathan Rao (author)
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Your Personal Details Might Have Been Leaked If Had You Voted for the Republicans in #USElections2016

In a rather surprising incident that took place today, an information security researcher named Chris Vickery has claimed to have discovered a humongous pile of American voter’s database out there in the wild. It seems that nearly 198 million voters who might have voted for the Republicans in #USElections2016 have their personal details leaked and left open to anybody to view.

As per reports, the vast database of voters was mistakenly left exposed by a data analytics contractor employed by the Republican National Committee (RNC). The contractor belongs to a data analytics company called ‘Deep Root Analytics’. In a statement by the contractor of Deep Root analytics, he said, "We take full responsibility for this situation".

The database was found in an Amazon cloud account that could have been accessed without a Amazon username or password. The leaked files have been secured, but the incident has exposed a major loophole in relation to handling sensitive data at the highest level. The leaked data is worth 1.1 Terabytes and is by far the largest ever database that the researcher has come across in terms of the disc space it has occupied.

Security researcher Chris Vickery is a highly acclaimed professional and has gained immense experience and expertise in uncovering improperly secured files. The voter’s details from the leaked database include sensitive personal information of the voters such as “RNS ID” and address of the voters.  

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